Our mower range is the culmination of over 40 years of "hands on" experience in designing and manufacturing state of the art mowers in Australia.
The Greenfield Mowers range is loaded with practical features not found on other ride-ons , not gimmicks, but sound design & engineering to make a better, stronger, long lasting product. The Greenfield Mowers ride-on requires the absolute minimum of maintenance and is a delight to use. A Greenfield Mower, because of it's inbuilt quality, will hold its relative value for years and years. Our entire range of domestic, ride-on mowers, slashers, shredders and attachments are manufactured at our modern Brisbane factory, using Australian labour and wherever possible Australian made components.

We're proud of our heritage and our products and support them with a generous warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.
With a huge inventory of spare parts that cover models right back to 1966 and a network of specialist dealers, (not hardware stores), your Greenfield Mower will be in the best possible hands if attention is ever required. Please think carefully before you send your hard earned dollars overseas (and create foreign jobs). Think about the parts availability, cost and access to factory service and information. Above all, think about future resale value - Greenfield Mowers are always highly regarded in the secondhand market.

Accurate fingertip geared steering, effortless like the power steering in a car.
The superb Greenfield Mower patented differential, different to all others with its design and provision to lock the gears for mowing on slopes or in wet boggy conditions. Serviceability has not been forgotten in the design. Accessibility to all working parts is unequalled. Try one of the new Greenfield Evolution Fastcut ride-ons . Sit on it, notice how relaxed and comfortable you feel, just like sitting in a classy sports car. All controls are light and at hand. You can stretch out, mow for hours, it won't tire you. The Greenfield Evolution Fastcut Mower will perform and manoeuvre like no other.

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